Proud To Be An American Children’s Book – Autographed

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Illustrated children’s book of the lyrics to God Bless The USA.

Growing up on my grandparents’ farm in California gave me an appreciation for folks who worked hard and got by on very little. The saving grace was that I didn’t know we had very little. My grandparents lost their farm after government regulation prevented them from farming the more profitable fields. But they didn’t question why it happened; they just started a new business. They trusted that America would hold true to the promise that freedom gives you choices. They believed that no matter what difficulties we experienced as a family, we would be okay because we were free.

Music always inspired me and kept me focused on the future. When the United States was in the depths of conflict, I felt an obligation to make a difference with my music and bring pride back to our country. Nearly twenty years later, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to become a recording artist and after three years of touring, I wrote “God Bless The USA.”

America is still the greatest country on earth. This book is meant to reinforce the same patriotism and optimism in our children and grandchildren I felt as a young boy. As you sit together reading the words of my to your child or grandchild, and viewing the illustrations that reflect the lyrics, it is my hope that young and old alike will feel tremendous pride in being citizens of the United States of America.

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